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6 Reasons To Love Parquet Flooring

When you want to upgrade your home, floor is one of the areas that you put into consideration. There are many flooring alternatives but one of them stands out.

Reasons To Love Parquet Flooring

Explained below are six reasons to love Parquet Flooring.

It is popular and has been used for a long time

Parquet flooring is a popular type of wood flooring which is mostly found in old private houses in Singapore. The fact that it has been in use long enough shows that it is a type of flooring that can be trusted. It is an alternative that has managed to out do other types of flooring in the competition.

Appears in non-limited variety

Unlike other types of flooring, parquet flooring has been there for a while. This means that there is a lot of available information about it. It is easy to find many options to choose from the many and unique parquet varieties. This is the reason why many home owners in Singapore go for it without much thought.

It gives a touch of warmth and satisfaction

You should love this type of wood flooring as its decor evokes feelings that are important to mankind. Parquet flooring is usually done on bedroom floors. When you visit many homes in Singapore, you will notice that some of them have this type of flooring on all the rooms but some have it on the bedroom only. It is in the bedroom where intimacy and emotional satisfaction are found. This type of wood flooring boosts these feelings as it represents warmth.

It makes a home look beautiful

Apart from the solid feel of the parquet against the foot, it gives a room a spectacular look. This is the reason why It is a popular floor alternative with home décor professionals. Its beauty is indisputable if the right variety is chosen and if the flooring is properly installed. The choice of the variety should be guided by the theme of the home. The walls, floors, ceilings, the clothing such as curtains and others should all blend in to in terms of color and materials in order to bring out the best look.

Parquet flooring is easy to maintain.

Some people argue that it develops scratches and dents over time but you should know that without proper care, anything gets tear and wear faster than it is expected. You can get a good dent / scratch resistant laminate which are readily available in Singapore. In fact nowadays you can even get a rubberized and flexible laminate which looks awesome on the floor. Many home owners in Singapore who have used the laminate flooring have testified that the parquet flooring looks good even after 15 years since installation.

It is cost effective

Parquet flooring might not be the cheapest flooring alternative during installation but it is cost effective in the long run. The laminate discussed above is cheap in terms of purchase price and lamination cuts down on cost involved in repair and maintenance of parquet flooring. The cost depends on the size of your home. For instance if you want parquet flooring on a 3 bedroom house, it may cost you around 1881 - 4483 Singapore dollars. The cost will constitute parquet, skirting, wood glue, installation and vanishing. For more details please browse through https://www.sgwoodflooring.com
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