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8 Basic Advantages Of Wood Flooring

Wood is one of the materials commonly used for building the interior of houses. It is especially used as a flooring material because of its durability and ability to stay at comfortable room temperatures. Wood is also relatively easy to work with and floors made from wood can be repaired and replaced easily. Its ability to accommodate paint also makes it a great material for styling. When it comes to wood flooring, several techniques can be used to achieve the desired style. Of all the materials used for flooring, wood never seems to go out of fashion in Singapore and there are many worthy reasons for this.

Wood Flooring

Here are 8 basic advantages of wood flooring.

1. Design Versatility

Wood is easily one of the most versatile materials when it comes to accommodating different design aspects. From colour choices, textures, and build; there is no single thing that cannot be modified when it comes to wood flooring. There are also different species of wood that can be used to achieve various degrees of style and durability. Wood can also be used for flooring when it is either solid or after going through a manufacturing process. You will be able to find engineered, laminate, vinyl and other choices in the market. Because of this functionality, wood is definitely the best choice for great floors and general interior design.

2. Easy Maintenance

Maintaining the floor is not usually an easy process. Maintenance involves lots of installation, cleaning, replacements, restructuring and repair works. The process can be quite lengthy and cause inconvenience for those inhabiting the house. For wood floors, however, the process is much easier. Being a relatively light material, wood is not bulky when it comes to handling. Removing or installing it is, therefore, an easy task that does not take much time. Wood floors also can be easily cleaned with special wood cleaners. Most wood floors do not require excessive cleaning, making maintenance much easier.

3. Multiple Style Choices

There are a number of different wood flooring styles in the market today. Some of the styles available reflect modern trends while others are quite aged having been in the market for a long time. Other styles are borrowed from foreign countries. In overall, the different styling options make use of different species of wood and decoration styles to achieve an aesthetic wood floor. When it comes to style, therefore; wood flooring gives you an opportunity to explore different coating options, patterns, and many other options. This makes wood a great choice for enhancing interior vibrancy.

Wood Flooring

4. Durability

Wood is one of the best choices to consider for flooring if you are looking for durability. This is because wood flooring often incorporates the use of a solid finish which is safe from wear and tear. There are also many species of hardwood in the market that have varying levels of durability. The most durable forms of hardwood can last many years even under heavy traffic. Due to the many choices available in the market, the only consideration that needs to be made when looking to the most durable floor is your individual needs. Houses with fewer inhabitants, for instance, often do not need the hardest wood in the market as the softer hardwood options can last sufficiently long.

5. Safety

There are many different flooring materials in the market. The common factor with all flooring materials is that they are hard in order to withstand pressure. This hardness can, however, be dangerous especially in an environment with children. For wood, safety is never a big concern as wood is rated among the best materials for supporting life. Other types of floors often need extra covering in the form of carpets and mats. Wood is also not slippery compared to other floor options. Wood is, therefore, the best for flooring in houses where there are pets, children and people with special needs.

6. Cozy Interior Atmosphere

One of the most desired attributes of wood is its ability to withstand temperature changes and remain to fair levels. Wood is a bad conductor of heat and thus does not heat up or get cold easily. This makes it a very good choice for the ideal living space. This stability is especially increased in engineered hardwood. These properties of wood manage to give the floor a very comfortable feel whether the weather is hot or cold. The air around the house is also fresh in houses that have wood floors.

Wood Flooring

7. Value

Wood flooring is not only good for its aesthetic value but also for its long-term cost effectiveness. Wood flooring is one of the most affordable methods of flooring considering its limitless benefits. The cost of repairs and maintenance is also kept low as wood flooring does not require costly repair processes. Given its relative ease to clean, a wood floor manages to protect its users from costly cleaning equipment. The many options in the market also give customers a considerable variety to choose from. This ensures that every customer can successfully go for a flooring that fits their budget and also meets their needs.

8. Natural Appeal

Wood is a naturally-occurring material which contains unmatched properties. In terms of looks, wood has a kind of sleekness that is not possible with any other type of floor. In addition, wood is able to achieve great edges and gives any floor a unique identity. Wood is naturally elegant and little is needed to increase its appeal. In terms of feel, wood naturally has a mild texture that easily makes it look polished. In addition, the various types of wood can give floors either a grainy or smooth feel.


The interior design of a house is definitely greatly affected by the type of flooring used. Of the many choices in the market, wood flooring remains the best choice that can be applied. The many advantages associated with this type of flooring give it a great edge over other flooring types in the market. There have been major improvements made to wood flooring over the years and this method of flooring will definitely continue to be strong even in future.

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