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Choosing Wood Flooring or Tiles?

Wood flooring or Tiles?

Your choice of flooring is a crucial task as flooring in part of your interior design. Different flooring requires different difficulty of installation and maintenance. It is wise to consider and evaluate each flooring benefits and drawbacks.

Wood flooring and tiles has become a popular choice for homes. It adds warmth, style and value to our home. It will benefits people who are allergic and sensitive to carpet flooring. Before purchasing any types of flooring, it is advisable to set a budget as this will save your time by narrowing down to flooring that are within your budget and seek help from professionals to assist you.

Few major things to consider before purchasing:

Consider about the traffic of your home. Higher traffic requires different types of flooring and durability. Foot traffic on wood flooring plays an important role when choosing the colours as darker colour flooring show more wear than lighter ones.

Consider what types of wood flooring. Not all wood flooring provides you with the theme that you require and it comes with different grades of wood.

The major advantage of wood flooring is durability and long lifespan; it can last up to 100 years with regular maintenance and repair if necessary. For kitchen, you may be required to choose flooring that can withhold moisture from spills and water. For entry of your home, this area must be installed with extra durable wood to withhold wear and tear, you can also install decorative pattern to decorate your home. For living room and bedroom, you can choose normal flooring as this area normally has lesser traffic.
Choose wood flooring that can best suit your requirements, understand the length of warranty and the maintenance method. Do not use excessive water to maintain it and prevent wearing spike high heels and etc. as this type of shoes will cause dents or scratches. Always clean up spillage as soon as possible as spillage will seep into wood.

NEVER SELECT wood colour based on pictures. The colours of the wood can change drastically from the original colour of the wood flooring due to the lighting. Always ask to see sample in person. Choose and engage a professional flooring company, as mistakes can be costly and time consuming. As always, when in doubt, seek out the advice from professionals.

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