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What Are The Different Types Of Laminate Flooring?

After their invention, Laminate flooring has turned out to be a preference for interior home designers because of its effectiveness. The material is about twenty times stronger compared to other materials, does not catch dirt easily and is not easily burnt by cigarette scratches. If you suffer from allergies or have allergic people in the house, then laminate flowing is the best for you because it does not incite these allergies. Because they come in different tastes, have a look at the different types.

The glueless laminate type
These blocks do not have glues and you have to get the right method of fixing to the floor. They are easy to install and are indeed the largest in numbers that you will find in the market. The models are available in varying ceramics and even wood designs. Manufacturers have also gone tech with production and now offer hardwood veneer and not just printed types. You might not make the difference with true hardwood. The designs are in planks or tiles depending on what designs you prefer.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring with attached underlay
Unlike the glueless types, this model comes with tongues and special grooves that are interlocking for easier fixing. You can create special patterns with this type of laminate. Interior designers advise people who want to bring down noise levels in the rooms. It is important that you make sure to have the right underneath laminate plants or a plastic underlay so that they serve the intended purpose.

Glue Laminate model
The shapes of these types are just like in glueless model. However, their fixing requires you to use to get special formulated type of glue and apply it at the grooves to stick together. Once the attachment glue has dried completely, removing them is almost impossible. It is important to make sure that the area underneath each tile or plant is carefully sealed and no air is trapped to avoid breakages and need for repairs immediately after installation.

The pre-glued type of laminate flooring
Manufacturers have increasingly sought to make the work of homeowners easier and engaging them in promoting cost reduction. With pre-glued laminate type, the grooves and tongues already have glue applied to them such that they are easier to install. With special instructions, you can indeed install these types of laminate. You will however need a plastic underneath so that you can seal them from moisture and reduce the chances of substrate sticking with glue.

To get a better interior design with the laminate floors, it is prudent that you understand the patterns of your house especially the furniture and paintings. This will enable you to get flooring patterns that cohere and deliver greater harmony for your home.

To be assured of greater acceptance of the flooring type to deliver specific décor, consider involving an interior designer in identifying the best. The professional, though at a cost, will show you several effects that laminate flooring can have on your house. Select the best and make your house a true paradise.

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