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Difference Between Laminate Flooring & Vinyl Flooring

Laminate flooring Singapore

In case you are wondering what type of flooring to plan for your next home flooring renovation which is both cost effective and easy to install. We would like to introduce the  idea of choosing between either Laminate Flooring or Vinyl Flooring. So what is the difference you may ask between these two choices?

Firstly, let’s introduce the Laminate Flooring. It’s easy to install, there will not be any need for nails and adhesives required depending on the type of installation which you will require based on preferences. Laminate Flooring is basically pieces of planks or called floor boards aligned to be perched above sub-flooring which can be protected via film or foam. However, the type of foam and film which you can choose from will be readily available from your preferences such as preventing fluid substances from leaking through to the sub flooring or reducing noise through usage.

Next, will be Vinyl Flooring. It is in the same category as Laminate Flooring in terms of easy installation. However, there are 2 types of Vinyl Flooring which are either the Tiles or Roll Type. In terms of installation, it can be done using an adhesive and be properly aligned to the measurements of the floor space with the use of a cutting tool for a great aesthetic feel to the finishing of the flooring.

For maintenance, Laminate Flooring are best kept clean as all times if it were to be installed in a heavily used environment or setting. The first reason is that the Laminate Flooring will scratched by particles such as sand or etc. Secondly, it will warp due to water spillage which has not been cleaned after a long duration but there is water resistant Laminate Flooring available as well to prevent this situation from happening.

Vinyl Flooring in terms of maintenance, is relatively easy and simple. Resistant to fluid spillages and relatively easy to be wiped clean within seconds and without the worry of leaving water stained marks. Do take special care not to drag heavy items across this type of flooring to prevent the pristine condition from scratches.

Now, what would these two types of floorings provide for consideration to install in your home? Both are relatively inexpensive to install and ease of installation is guaranteed. So we would next explain the value over time for these two products.

For Laminate Flooring, through usage over time, proper care and maintenance is essential to prevent warping and dislodged from each plank installed. It is an advantage of non-adhesive type of installation is very attraction as it leaves no sticky situation for future upgrades to the sub-flooring.
These quality checks on the Vinyl Flooring cannot be emphasized enough for long lasting durability of the product, prevention of water spillages and heavy items moved across the flooring. Vinyl Flooring can never experience warping as it is made of a material very different from Laminate Flooring and that itself is a sense of comfort to seamlessly walk on the flooring itself!
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