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Wood Flooring: Everything You Need To Know To Make An Informed Decision

For many years, wood flooring has been one of the most preferred underfoot, but its usefulness and beauty have never diminished. Probably what started out just as rough wooden boards covering the floor, they’ve evolved into something modern and merged with the latest technology. Apart from several different types of wood flooring to choose from, there are also many other considerations you should keep in mind. In regards to that, the following are some factors to consider before wood flooring your home.

Wood Flooring

Different Floor Hardness
If your household includes children and pets, it will be a good idea to install the hardest wood flooring available. Hard wood species like soft red oak are capable of withstanding wear and tear compared to softer wood species like pine that tend to show scratches as soon as they are installed. The choice between solid and engineered hardwood is determined by preferred installation technique, location, and sub-floor.

Type of Wood

When looking for the best wood flooring, it’s also important to pay attention to the type of wood used. Different wood species that are commonly used differ in patterns, color, and durability. Cherry, oak, and maple are some of the most common wood species because of their hardness. While exotic woods are as durable as other types, they are among those commonly used due to their striking appearance.

Type of Finishing

In most cases, many types of wood flooring are pre-finished and this means finishing is a crucial factor that you should consider as well. Most people prefer pre-finished options because they are easy to install and maintain.

The Texture of Wood

It’s also important to consider the texture of wood flooring you want to install in your home or office. You can choose hardwood floors, which look new and shiny, or you opt to brand new wood flooring that add a unique timeworn character to your home and look like a great antique. Choosing the right texture for your floors also adds value to your taste. It’s therefore a good idea to choose between engineered and solid options.

The Color

Colors of wood flooring often range from black to blond depending on finish and species of the wood. You should therefore keep in mind that your floor color would define the color of other items, such as decorating accessories and curtains. It’s advised to dull, lifeless tones and sharp colors. The mahogany color and soft brown are among popular choices, which match several different decorating styles.

Wood Flooring

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Wood Flooring Specialist

Finding the right wood flooring specialist or contractor requires deliberation and a lot of time. Make sure you start searching early enough to ensure you find the most suitable contractor for your specific flooring needs. Here are some helpful tips on hiring a reliable specialist to install or replace your hardwood flooring:

Qualifications and experience

It’s important to ask each contractor or specialist about their experience and qualifications. Check to find out if your potential contractor is qualified and experienced to offer the kind of flooring services you need. If possible, ask for copies of different documentation that can verify their credentials. Hiring a well-trained and experienced specialist to install or repair your wood flooring comes with many benefits.

Insurance and license

Always ensure that the contractor you hire has the right insurance cover, including workers compensation and liability insurance covers in case of damage of property or injury. It’s therefore necessary to ask for documentation that you can use to very this information. Choose a wood flooring specialist is fully insured and licensed to offer flooring services within your locality.

Ask for estimates
Before choosing anyone, each contractor should first provide you with their estimates so that you can be clear about all the specifications of the project. Get as many estimates as possible from different contractors to that you can be able to compare the quotes sand make an informed decision. A good estimate should include all the materials that will be needed as well as how much will be needed for the job to be completed.

Concisely, keep in mind that not every floor installer is specialized in handling all types of wood flooring. Make sure to choose someone who specializes in handling various flooring types and who can meet your specific flooring needs.

Wood Flooring

Different Types of Wood Flooring

It will be good to know different types of wood flooring available out in order to make an informed decision. Here are the most common types:

Engineered Wood Flooring

When it comes to this type of hardwood flooring, each floorboard contains 3 or 4 layers of wood, perfectly glued together to create a plank. It has a 4mm thick real wood veneer on top which means if damaged or scuffed, it can be sanded back to restore its original finish. It’s the best option for areas exposed to a humid atmosphere or water. Engineered wood flooring is cheaper than solid-wood planks and more attractive compared to laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is simply a compressed fiber board plank covered by a beautiful photographic image of tile, wood or stone with a solid protective overlay. This type of hardwood flooring is mainly used in living areas, playrooms and other high traffic areas in your home. It’s the most suitable flooring option for kitchen and bathroom floors as well.

Solid Wood Flooring

When it comes to solid wood flooring, each board consists of just one piece of wood, usually 18mm – 20mm thick. It’s fitted using tongue-and-groove technique. Always keep in mind each type of wood has its own hardness score that determines how easily it can be damaged, worn, or dented over time. One advantage about this type of flooring is that it can be treated and sanded back to restore its original look. It can be used just anywhere with a constant atmosphere, such as living areas and hallways.

Conclusively, whichever type of wood flooring you choose, proper maintenance, preventive care, and polishing can help keep your floor in good condition for many years. This type of flooring is cheap to refurbish and replace if part of it is damaged or cracked. Place mats or carpet runners, especially in high traffic areas and make sure to trim the nails of your pets to avoid scratches.

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