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How To Choose Laminate Flooring Thickness?

A laminate flooring is basically a multi-layer flooring product that is synthetic and it is also combined along with the process of lamination. A number of flooring specialists take laminate flooring as one of the toughest flooring surfaces available. This type of flooring replicates the wood with a layer that is somewhat photographic. This gives it a glossy surface. The flooring is among the mostly used in Singapore, this is in comparison to the hardwood flooring. The laminate flooring is basically cheaper and it is also lighter than the other types. The flooring has a number of grades and styles that comes with it. With the many styles that come with the flooring, another thing that varies is the thickness. How do you choose the thickness for your laminate flooring? And which is the most recommended?

Laminate Flooring Thickness

The laminate flooring thickness is generally measured in mm, millimetres. Many people believe, which is also true that, a thicker floor will be more durable. However, with laminate, it is slightly different. In most cases, a thicker flooring might mean that it has been designed that way in order to support its quality. Many floorings that are thicker mean that the quality of the flooring is slightly lower. If you want to measure the thickness of the flooring, it will be measured from the top surface, through the entire layer.

Basically, for the durability of the laminate flooring, it will not depend on the thickness of the particular layer, rather, the material used is what will determine its durability. Also, the maintenance of the floor will also determine its durability. If the floor is cleaned constantly enough, it will mean that it will last for longer. Basically, the dirt and other stuff that might be found on the surface of the flooring might affect the surface, which might wear out gradually.

The aptitude of the floor to withstand the weight of an object is want will be determined by the thickness of the plank. This implies that, it will determine if it can support the weight, especially if it is installed in a high traffic area. Such areas like the corridor, the hallway or the living room. You should choose the thickness in relation to how much weight it can hold. Even though the thickness will not exactly determine the durability, you must ensure that you choose the right thickness.

The Common Thicknesses Available

Singapore has many flooring specialists, who are dedicated to offering the best services and products to the clients. They deal with several laminate flooring thickness and they include the following:
• 6mm. This is the thinnest type of thickness, which tend to be used in many homes, especially those with less people.
• 8mm. This is a common option that is used in some offices and in many homes in Singapore.
• 10mm. This thickness can support more weight and it is used in many family homes and other businesses.
• 12mm. This is the thickest type of laminate flooring and it is used in larger business units, due to its ability to withstand heavier weights.

Laminate Flooring Thickness

Things To Consider

• The Installation
When you choose a thicker flooring, you will find it easier to install. Basically, a thicker flooring is the simplest to install and manage. This is because it is able to cross the minor sub-floor alterations easily. Since the laminate flooring is one that floats, it is supposed to be leveled and consistent. This type of flooring will be easier to level it, thanks to its sturdiness.

• Area Of Use

A thicker flooring will also enhance the sound level in the room. This is because the thickness of the flooring will insulate the sound in the room. That is why it is the most recommended flooring to use in entertainment rooms and the studios as well.

• Impact Of Extra Weight

Another benefit of a thicker flooring is that it will not give out the cracking sound when you are walking on them. On the contrary, a thinner flooring will produce the cracking sound, especially when the weight is heavier. You must consider how the flooring will react when there is excess weight on it. This also entails considering if you will place it in a place with a higher traffic.

• The AC Rating

You might also want to consider the AC rating. The AC rating will measure the resistance of the laminate flooring to stain, abrasion, moisture, burns or impact. There are rating that varies, starting from A1 to AC5, which are chosen with some factors considered. The AC1 is the most recommended rating if you are using it in the bedrooms. On the other hand, the AC5 is the best choice for areas with heavier traffic and other commercial activities. The AC5 can resist more impact and other factors, including excess heat. It is recommended to choose an AC rating of at least AC3. This will ensure that you have the right choice that can resist any possible factors that might devastate the condition of the flooring.

• Your Budget

Also, keep in mind that a thicker plank will be more expensive. For that, matter, you will need to consider your budget and determine if the type of flooring you choose will suit in your budget. If you need a thicker laminate flooring with a higher AC rating, then you might want to dig deeper in your pocket. When budgeting for your flooring, ensure that you have considered the delivery and installation costs. These are some of the aspects that must be put into consideration. Too many people tend to ignore the costs for delivering and installing the floor.

Other than the above name factors, you must also consider the pattern of the floor. Normally, the pattern will be limited to the thickness of the floor. For that, ensure that you are aware of this.

When choosing the thickness of your laminate flooring, you must ensure that you underline all the related factors and look at them keenly. This will help you to be safe from any possible errors in the future. To be sure of finding the right flooring thickness, always contact a professional company.

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