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What Type Of Wood-Flooring For Choosing?

Wood Flooring in Singapore

Choosing Wood-Flooring For Home

Don't know what type of wood-floor to choose from? Designing your new house or wish to spruce up your current home with new floorings, the types of flooring to be used will form an integral part of your design theme. Every room serves a specific purpose. Since all family members would need to move about the house carrying out their daily activities, selecting the right types of flooring is very important. This may entail having different floor surfaces for different rooms in your house. Thus factors to be taken into account are your budget, your intended usage and how the floorings blend with your overall design.

The living room is the focal point and centre piece in most home furnishings. When at home, many of us spend a large part of our time in our living room, which is also the place for hosting parties and visits. If budget permits, you may want to splurge on a quality finish, like marble or granite, that is the most luxurious and durable. It instantaneously gives your home an elegant and polished look.

Alternatively, hardwood flooring offers an attractive and durable option especially when it is accompanied by decorative area rugs. You can similarly achieve a touch of class with laminates, which are cheaper versions that resemble the real hardwood. Otherwise, you can choose alternatives like homogeneous tiles if you have a lower budget. Carpeting is yet another good option if you want a softer and warmer feel. It cuts down on noise levels and is also safer for babies and toddlers in the house. Vinyl flooring, in various designs and colours, can enhance the beauty of your home effortlessly too.

Bedrooms are places where family members can relax and have a good night sleep. A warm ambience can be achieved by having timber wood or parquet floorings. High performance laminate is gradually becoming popular in recent years, due to its greater resistance to warp and water seepage. Additionally, it possesses the remarkable ability to simulate the real wood or tile floors; and is easy to clean with just a vacuum cleaner or damp cloth. Besides design appeal, it is scratch resistant - especially practical when you keep pets. If you are someone who loves to change your room atmosphere with frequent deco changes, do choose neutral floorings. Carpets are great solutions since they come in varied designs, colours and textures that can suit the surroundings. You may elect to throw in decorative rugs to complete the look.

For areas prone to water accumulation, such as the bathrooms, it is ideal to have floors which have anti-slip properties or which are rougher in texture. These features will minimise accidental falls and injuries due to slippery floors. Another consideration is the ease of maintaining cleanliness as scrubbing of floors can be made easier. Ceramic tiles are not as slippery as vinyl, but may be slightly more difficult to clean.

Kitchen floors should help to minimise the time spent in scrubbing or mopping up spills, grease and food stains after cooking. They should also be non-slip for safety reasons. Vinyl is a good choice for your kitchen floor. In the event of a dropped glass or dish, its more resilient surface can prevent breakage. Good quality ceramic is an example that is equally durable. Concrete, which are cheap, durable and easy to clean, is experiencing a fashionable resurgence as more and more home owners use it for achieving the retro look. By the same token, dining rooms are prone to spills especially with children around the house. It is thus more practical to install wood, tile, vinyl or ceramic floorings for ease of cleaning after mealtimes.

If your house has an outdoor area, you may want to consider doing up wooden decking for a tropical and resort-living design style. The timber chosen should be weather proof to withstand the elements. The higher end ones include changai and palm wood, followed by balau and kapor. These will also prevent attacks by termites when treated properly.

In conclusion, the type of flooring you choose depends very much on your personal taste, budget, usage and traffic density of the rooms. Having the right mix of floorings boosts the aesthetics and functionality aspects of your house tremendously.

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