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Is Laminate Floor The Same As Vinyl Flooring?

I think we can all agree that wood flooring is extremely beautiful, but the main problem is the fact that it can be expensive and it can really be a pain to install it. Many people decide they are better off going with a wood alternative for their home. Alternatives are becoming more and more popular every day because not only do they look exactly like real wood floors, but they are much easier to install and much cheaper. There are many different alternatives to woods flooring, but there are two are much better than all the others.

Is Laminate Floor The Same As Vinyl Flooring?

The two most popular types of wood flooring are laminate flooring and vinyl flooring. All the other alternatives are not nearly as good as these two. Now one of the most popular questions that people ask is if laminate flooring and vinyl flooring are the same thing. Many people seem to get the two confused and assume they are the same thing. They do look alike so I can't blame people for thinking they are the same thing, but the truth is they aren't. There are many factors that make laminate and vinyl much different than each other.

In this article I will be going over the main differences between laminate flooring and vinyl flooring so you can make an educated decision on which one will be best for your home.

Vinyl Wood Flooring

Vinyl is made of a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers which is the main characteristic that makes it much different than any of the other types of flooring, it also includes a few other pigments to change the color so it looks like wood. The first thing people notice when they pick up vinyl wood flooring is how flexible it is. It seems like it is almost impossible to break.

Many people don't realize how vinyl flooring is made, it is actually quite ironic. Vinyl flooring is made by taking high quality pictures of real wood and sticking them on sheets. Vinyl flooring really does offer a lot of benefits, but the main benefits it has is the fact that it is sound proof, termite proof, and water resistant. A disadvantage to vinyl flooring (as with a lot of alternative flooring) is the fact that it get get bubbles.

The good news is these bubbles can be fixed but it becomes a pain when you have to keep fixing bubbles.
Another major setback to vinyl flooring is the fact that it has a shorter life span than laminate flooring and within just a few years the "wood look" will actually start to fade away. You can make it last a little longer by doing a good job of taking care of it, but it will still eventually fade away.

Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is made in the same way as the vinyl flooring in the sense they take a picture of real wood and put it onto a plank. However, laminate flooring has many benefits that vinyl flooring does not have, the main one is the fact that it lasts much longer than vinyl flooring even in high traffic areas.

Another huge benefit to laminate flooring is that it is really easy to install so the cost of installation go down and you don't have to be out of your home or office for very long which makes it convenient for you.
With everything that has benefits, there are also a few downsides. The biggest downside to laminate flooring is that it is quite susceptible to moisture. The only places this would possibly cause an issue is in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Most people wouldn't be installing laminate wood flooring in these areas anyways so for most people it's not that big of a deal.

Vinyl and laminate flooring do look similar, but I am sure you can tell by now they are actually very different. Overall, laminate flooring will be your best option because it will last longer and it provides all the other benefits that vinyl flooring provides. Just remember that regardless of what you choose to go with, it is very important you have professionals install it so there are no issues with it down the road.
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