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Is Vinyl Flooring Suitable For Commercial Kitchen?

Commercial kitchens often have one thing in common to do; that is to cook the best food there can be. However what many people always forget about is the floor area, decorations in the eating area always seems to be on the walls and on the lights. This on the other hand causes disappointments as commercial kitchens need good flooring in order to be kept open safe functioning and of course beautiful .Below are some of the major reasons why use of vinyl flooring it ideal for any commercial kitchen.

Vinyl Flooring For Commercial Kitchen

Health and Safety

When it comes to a kitchen or a building or a home the most important thing to always consider is the safety of all in the area. The floor being the most important parts of the building should not only be considered with a lot of seriousness but also how it will affect all those in the building. Here are the benefits of using vinyl flooring in a commercial kitchen:

• Cushions the people walking in the kitchen or building thus eliminating the chances of slipping and falling in any kind making it suitable for adults as well as children. On the other hand water spilled in the commercial kitchen does not become hazardous as it will only be wet and not slippery

• Does not use asbestos like other floors that were synthetically made as it is made of vinyl pulp. This makes it non-hazardous to workers in the building unless it is burned in which it does not burn easily

• Does not produce a lot of heat and isn’t cold thus suitable for both rainy and hot seasons. Thus workers in the kitchen will not feel a burning sensation when they stand in the heat of the kitchen for long periods of time.


For commercial kitchen it is best to look for flooring types that will not cut into the functioning food area of the kitchen

• Durability comes with the vinyl flooring as it is made from resilient materials that do not erode quickly thus changing of the floor becomes almost impossible making it cheaper

• It is cheap to buy unlike other floors in the market

• It is cheap to install as all that is needs is the vinyl paste and the floor itself for finishing

• Does not need constant polishing as it does not lose its original color.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring


As commercial kitchens tend to have more traffic than a home, use of vinyl flooring is the best option when it comes to flooring. This is because:

• It can easily be installed in place as it is already cut into sizeable pieces of 12”* 12” or 24” * 12”

• Solid sheets of 1/8 of an inch for commercial kitchen as it has a lot of traffic and the size is durable

• Easy to clean as it does not have the soups and colors from the kitchen itself staining the floors permanently

• Waxing can be done easily if required

• Buffed as many times or as little as possible depending on preference as it barely makes a difference

• Easy to remove and replaced when need arises even though it can last for up to a century

• Does not break like other PVC or tiles or crack like concrete as it creates a cushion feeling to it once pressure is applied onto it.


When it comes to having a commercial kitchen that is beautiful for both the workers and the customers use of vinyl flooring seems to be up to par to the standards any kitchen wants. It has

• A choice of hundreds of patterns that suit the style of the decor

• Can be custom made to look like wood, concrete, marble, ceramic or terrazzo floor

• Different types of patterns can be used in different areas of the kitchen to form a master price design

• Can be buffed mechanically to give the shine desired easily

• Easily finished with chemical strippers for the perfect look and it can also be refinished many times when becomes dull

• Keeps the beauty as it has a high abrasion than other normal floors.

However installation within Singapore should be done by a professional as it is not still widely accepted by many thus still not many people do not know how to do it on their own. However consideration should also be taken in the areas that tend to be have extreme weather changes and the best type of patterned vinyl flooring to be used to reduce chances of accidents as smooth finishes may not be ideal in every area of Singapore.

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