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Is Wood Flooring Suitable For Meeting Room?

Among other aspects important about a room, the floor is crucial in more ways than one. However, the benefits of the floor depend on the type of the flooring itself. The flooring on the other hand depends largely on the room’s intended use.

Is Wood Flooring Suitable For Meeting Room?

How suitable would wood flooring be for a meeting room

It is all about appearance

In Singapore, and the world in general, appearance matters a lot when it comes to most of life’s aspects, both social and business oriented. When it comes to business especially, there is usually a lot at stake. For starters, there is the prospect of closing a deal, with profits to be earned at the end of it all. There are also business ties to form, and invaluable experience to be gained. All this, among other several factors, depends a lot on appearance.

Fortunately, unlike other types of flooring, wood flooring comes with a unique and naturally occurring beauty. This is because different types of wood come with different patterns formed over the years. These patterns further come complemented with natural and diverse colors. This combination adds up to amount to natural beauty unmatched either by other types of flooring and also by other wood floorings too.
Appearance is however only one aspect of wooden floors as this type of flooring comes with numerous other benefits.

Is Wood Flooring Suitable For Meeting Room?

Advantages of wood flooring for a meeting room o
ther advantages that come with wooden floors include

Unlike some other types of flooring, wooden floors do not harbor tiny and harmful pathogens. When airborne, these pathogens usually affect allergic people in the room negatively, degrading their health system and consequently feelings albeit temporarily. Such a scenario would be disastrous if it were to happen during a meeting as it would not only derail the meeting but also pre-determine its success, but negatively.


Wooden floors are also usually easier and faster to clean as compared with most other types of flooring. For starters, they do not require costly and highly developed equipment to clean as a mop would do. Furthermore, they rarely stain, and this ensures that they are always spontaneously clean most of the time. They also offer room for improvement as they can be scrubbed and smoothed after some time to give them back their shining and spontaneous look.

Ease of maintenance

One of the disadvantages of wooden floors is that they tend to get scrapped and dented over the years. This may give them a bad look, but it is just as easy to give them back their shiny and elegant look. This can be easily achieved through smoothening and sanding.
However, for a meeting room, this would not be much of a problem since the floor’s usage would largely depend on the frequency of meetings.

Cheaper flooring in the long run

Albeit wood flooring may be expensive to buy and install compared to other types of flooring, it is usually much cheaper in the long run. This is partly owing to the ease of maintenance. Furthermore, unlike most other flooring types which usually require replacement when damaged, wooden flooring mostly requires maintenance and some repair when the damage occurs. This furthermore is usually cheap as all that is required in most instances is mostly sanding and smoothing.

A sustainable form of flooring

In the wake of global warming, cutting down trees to serve the purpose of flooring is a bad idea just from a glance. However, when it comes to flooring and especially in Singapore, certain types of trees and wood is used. The wood selected is usually fast growing and easily replaceable, like bamboo trees, which is grass in essence. Wood is also a sustainable resource unlike some other forms of flooring which bring about environmental destruction during mining and extraction.

Installation of wooden flooring

The beauty in wooden floors partially depends on how it is installed. There is usually so much at stake, including balancing, fitting and patterning just to mention but a few. It is also hard work, especially for the inexperienced and unskilled, and may lead to serious backaches and injuries that may arise during installation. As such, when planning to install wooden flooring for the meeting room, it is also important to solicit the services of a professional and seasoned expert.

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