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Laminate Flooring VS Vinyl Tile

Have you ever wondered how Vinyl Tile and Laminate Flooring compare, and what flooring solution is suitable for Singapore? After all, in the realm of hard surface flooring, Laminate Flooring and Vinyl Tile are top notch for not just homes, but office purposes as well. Many of the commericial concerns and residents are opting in this flooring concept over a long period of time. And that is simply because they are water proof, scratch proof and, very easy to maintain. Also, not to mention, they barely make noise when walked on.

Let us explore and make an in-depth comparison between Laminate Flooring and Vinyl Tile in accordance with Singaporean conditions so that you can decide what is best for you.

How Vinyl Tile and Laminate Flooring Are Similar In Nature:
• Both of these flooring solutions have cost and durable benefits in contrast with other solid surfaced flooring concepts, be it stone, ceramic or hardwood. Most floors do not even last long, but it isn't the case with these.

• Either of these are renowned for being the master imitators of natural surfaces such as stone or wood, or other flooring concepts for that matter.

• Both Laminate Flooring and Vinyl Tile are very use to get hold of, and maintain. For instance, hard wood or engineered wood floor more likely need some sort of secondary finishing, while other tile types might need sealing or grouting.

• If you have minimum skills, you would be capable of installing them yourself. What you really need is right tools and right set of instructions before you begin. And since it is an easy process, appointing a professional would not hurt your bank much either.

• In case of damage, these tiles can be replaced.

• Since Singapore stays pretty much hot throughout the year, their wear layers comprise of extremely hard aluminum oxide. This prevents the tile from wearing down (Due to UV rays), and hence drastically increases its durability. Also, other exposures are avoided without a hitch.
How Venyl Tile And Laminate Flooring Are Different In Nature

• Although they have good share of similarities, they are originally carved out of different materials. Vinyl Tiles are made out of many layers, its most vital component is PVC vinyl which makes Vinyl Tiles not just stable, but dimensionally flexible too. Whilst Laminate Flooring is designed of different layers too, but their most vital component is made up on high density fiberboard. This contributes to its rigidity and intensity of handing harmful exposures.

• They are installed in a different manner. Laminate Flooring is listed under floating floor system, hence they shall never be glued or even nailed to the sub floor. There is a widespread rumor that Vinyl Tiles are now taking the approach of floating floor system for installation purposes, but it has yet to be confirmed. Traditionally, Vinyl Flooring take the approach of glue down system, which can either be glued or nailed down without a problem. This is either done through a seperate adherent, or peel and stick planks can be made use of.

• They are not just installed differently, but they feel quite different on the feet too. It is mainly because Laminate Flooring is designed out of wood, so it leaves classic wood feel on it whilst Vinyl Flooring, like the name itself expresses, is made out of vinyl, and has a nice plastic feel to it.
• Despite both of these resist from various exposures, their handling technique is very variant. They handle flame and stains in a different manner. Laminate Flooring is super stain resistant, so it can never have an issue with minimal flame exposure, but the same cannot be stated for Vinyl Flooring, as they are a bit vulnerable compared to Laminate Flooring, since they more likely will be damaged by minimal flame exposure.

• Which One Suits You?
Let us look into some issues that rise up when taking Laminate Flooring and LVT as flooring solutions.

• Which Is More Green? Is It LVT or Laminate?
Undoubtedly, Laminate Flooring beats LVT to it. Because the materials that go into Laminate Flooring make huge difference. As aforementioned, they are originally made up of wood byproducts, viz. natural and renewable resource. But this isn't the case with LVT, since it is originally designed of chlorides and petro chemicals, which are few of the most toxic materials as you might be aware, also needless to say -- adherents.

Which Is Suitable For Singaporean Wet Climate, LVT Or Laminate?
Well, this is an interesting question since both are prone to wet climatic conditions. But it is also a fact, that no matter what flooring concept you go for, they all get damaged by water to certain extent. However, if we had to choose just one, Laminate Flooring sort of handles wet environment a bit better, but there definitely isn't a significant difference.

• Which Is Easier To Install?

LVT comes in large rolls and is hard for homeowners to install because it is so unhandy and difficult to sharpe around obstructions. But then again, this is the case only with Vinyl sheets. Most homeowners buy and install vinyl plank flooring because it is much more manageable, considering you have just fewer pieces to lay.

When it comes to Laminate Flooring, it requires foam moisturizing, which is really affordable and can be simply rolled over and taped together in no time. So as to conclude, Laminate Flooring is easier.
• Which Flooring Stands Strong To Daily Damage, Accidents, Is It Laminate Flooring Or LVT?

We feel it's got to be Laminate Flooring as it is made up of much harder and tougher materials.
Without a doubt, both Laminate Flooring and LVT flooring are two great flooring concepts in today's generations. They both are of high quality, and definitely worth the top dollar. But it is equally true that today it is inevitable that Laminate Flooring has more benefits over Vinyl Tile.

Laminate flooring and LVT flooring are both good flooring solutions and, if made to the same high standards as Kronotex USA laminate flooring, are of the highest quality. We happen to believe that laminate flooring has many more advantages than LVT for today’s home. Besides, Laminate Flooring is much thicker, and incorporates wood byproducts, so it makes it much easier and warmer to walk on.
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