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How To Prevent Dogs From Scratching Wood Flooring?

The disturbing issue that can come in after you have enjoyed the good service of the wood flooring is a case where your dog starts to spoil the appearance of your good floor by making unpleasant scratches on it. Because you like the pet as much as you like your wooden floor you will not like to lose any. A pet is necessary in your house in case you like playing with it, it can make your day brighter. Sometimes the pets especially the dogs like scratching the floors. There are minor scratches that they can make while walking and they skid hence make the scratches while trying to regain balance from falling. In this case it is easily to prevent further scratches as you will need to improve your wooden floor and make it non skid.

Prevent Dogs From Scratching Wood Flooring

Here are some important methods you can employ to step the dogs from scratching your precious floors.

1.Grooming the claws of the dog

Big claws are the one making the dog be able to scratch the hard wooden floors. To avoid it just make a point of grooming the claws and having them short or blunt. This will make the dog feel uncomfortable when trying to dig the floor and it will stop the habit. This is also beneficial to you when playing with the pet. It will a void the pet from scratching you in case it makes jovial jumps on you. For more convenience you can make use of veterinaries in Singapore who will do the job perfectly for you.

2. Buying the dog booties

There are small booties designed for dogs to wear. In case you do not want to lose the toe nails of your dog this can be the best solution. They may cause the dog some discomforts at first but with time the dog will get used to them. After getting used to them it can even walk and play outdoors comfortably while wearing them.

3. Placing non skid mats at the entry to your house with wooden floors

In case you discover your pet likes scratching at the entry you can make use of this method to stop the behavior. The mats will cover the floor completely and the dog will not get access to scratching the floor any more. It is advisable to buy a hard mats that the dog will get some discomforts in trying to scratch. This will make it hate and stop the behavior completely. In case the dog is scratching other parts of the house with the wood flooring the solution can be using carpet runners. This will ensure maximum coverage of the wooden floor exposed for the dogs to scratch.

These are simple method you can employ to get rid of the awkward behavior in your dog. Wooden flooring is an important interior decoration method in your house, in case the dog makes scratches on it ,it can lead to some added expense on your part as you will need to purchase other materials to replace the floor. A replaced floor may also not look as appealing as the original floor. Because getting rid of your favorite pet completely is hard try and implement any method that will be best for you.
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