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Some Of The Things You Need To Know About Wood Flooring

The popularity of hardwood as a flooring material is attributed to its longevity and aesthetic appeal. Apart from the traditional houses, real wood flooring is a popular flooring option in contemporary houses. In addition to enhancing the attraction of a property, wood floors boost the market value of a property. In the real estate market, there is a huge demand for houses with hardwood flooring. Hence, it is worth investing in real wood flooring. Homeowners choose the engineered wood flooring, and it's a common choice among many for their home and office flooring needs. These wood flooring options are popular because of its homely and stunning appearance which is very much economical and also a different variety of designs is available in the market and also in various stores. These flooring options can help you with some advantages, and it will be helpful for you in some manners if you install them properly.

Wood Flooring

Types of wood flooring available:

If you like wood flooring, then you have several options. The age-old choice is hardwood. If the price is a consideration, then laminate flooring can be attractive, and it also gives you a wider choice of colors and patterns apart from the natural wood finish. Hardwood is ideal regarding durability due to the fact it can be sanded and polished sometimes. Here are some type wood flooring.

Read oak flooring:

It is hardwood flooring and is obtained from different species of tree. There are different types of wood present inside red oak flooring, and this makes it one of the most strong hardwood flooring. This also gives it varied colors, stiffness, graining and even bending.

Maple wood flooring:

This wood flooring has a valuable wood and due to which, maple wood flooring is expensive. It has an unvarying texture and wood is highly resistant to unnecessary wear and tear; these are maple wood's most noticeable feature. It has an appealing colour which is a mix of shades of red, white, brown and yellow.

Teak wood flooring:

If you want a real hardwood, this should be your choice. It has a natural property of strength and the bending like the red oak and maple wood flooring. Teak wood resists insects, fungus, termites and has a feature of handling temperature fluctuations. This is one of the most used flooring for bathroom and kitchens given its hardwood quality.

Wood Flooring

Beech wood flooring:

This is often a choice for those looking for hardwood flooring in their house. It is still not as recommended as the above choices, but still, for people who can't afford to expend any extra penny can make the most effective use of this reliable floor wood. Colors of the wood will be adjusted as per the house owner's choice starting from gentle brown to a mild white who are good for a modern setting.

What is engineered wood?

Engineered wood used for flooring purposes has three distinctive layers. There is a base layer made of pine and the central core made of veneer strips of birch or similar softwoods bonded together under high pressure and heat using a thermo setting resin. The third layer is a hardwood that ranges in thickness from 2 mm to 4 mm. A better grade of engineered wood is made up of shaved veneers of hardwood laid lengthwise with a thick top layer of hardwood 2 to 6 mm thick, the three layers are glued together with a thermo set resin and bonded using heat and pressure. A thicker top layer of real hardwood used in the engineered wood flooring means it can be sanded and polished at least three times during its lifetime. This is in addition to the other advantages of engineered wood mentioned below.
* The resin used makes engineered wood impervious to moisture. It will not warp or rot when used in areas with high humidity.
* Unlike hardwoods, there is no risk of cracks, deformation, and other age-related issues.
* This type of wood is less vulnerable to termite and pest attacks.
* It is easier and quicker to lay this type of floor

Floors made of engineered wood

Floors made of engineered wood cost less than genuine hardwood floors. The difference between the two floors is indistinguishable. As a matter of fact, you can customize the look you want, and the floor can have a uniform appearance. You can lay out the floor using untreated and unpolished engineered wood and then apply the finish of your choice whether it is an oiled look or a glossy mirror finish.

Install with under floor heating

One of the big advantages is that if you have under floor heating, the flooring will become damaged due to the heat. Just use 14 mm or thicker and it will retain its shape and look.

Wood Flooring

Polish and sand it again and again

If you select flooring with a thicker hardwood layer of about 4 to 6 mm, then you can sand and polish it 3 to 4 times. Engineered woods are designed to last for at least 30 years under normal conditions.

Easy to fit

It is easy to fit engineered flooring because it is available in uniform thicknesses and widths. It takes less time to lay compared to genuine hardwood. This means that the Installation will have a lower cost.


Cleaning and maintaining floors are easy when they are made of engineered wood. The resin used for bonding is impervious to water and most chemicals. Just use a wet mop. You only need to be careful if a topcoat of lacquer has been applied to the floor.

Choosing engineered woods

There are a few considerations you need to be aware of when choosing engineered woods. When you select this type of flooring, it is essential to make sure that the top layer of wood is thick enough to allow for re-polishing. It is also essential to ensure the inner layers are made of hardwood if you want long lasting durability. Regardless of this, engineered hardwood is the ideal choice when it comes to looks, durability, and cost.


Despite availability of a number of cheap artificial flooring materials, real wood is still a popular choice for constructing good quality floors. Real wood floors last longer than contemporary flooring materials. It adds warmth and style to a room. Wood floorings can be integrated into all types of interior layouts. It is easy to clean and maintain real wood flooring. Aging wooden floors have a distinct character. The patina gives the weathered timber an antique look that adds to the appearance of a house. However, if you want to restore the original sheen of the real wood floor, you can hire a sanding expert for removing the stained top layer of the floor. Wood floors can be easily repaired and restored. Therefore, you can avoid the cost of expensive replacements by installing real wood flooring. Moreover, the rising popularity of reclaimed wood flooring in recent years have reduced the environmental cost of using real wood for constructing floor.

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