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The Top Trends of Wood Flooring in Singapore

When you are constructing your own home, nothing can prove more confusing than selecting the type of floor finishing to install. Owning a home is one of the deepest desires of many people, and you may want to not only have an eye-catching floor but one which makes a loud fashion statement.

Wood Flooring

Therefore, the kind of floor that you choose can either make or break the look of your home, and it is up to you to be well aware of some available choices. When it comes settling on what floor to use, getting a wood flooring beats other choices hands down in terms of beauty and uniqueness. Wooden floors have become all the rage because of its versatility and warmth, and below are some informative and latest trends on this.

• Solid Hardwood Flooring- For Those Who Seek the Genuine Stuff

As unique as wood floors are, the good news is that you have a choice of which type to install in your home with regard to your financial muscle. If you don't mind much about the cost, then you can go with solid hardwood flooring. Compared to other types of wooden floors, this can be a bit costly, but what you lose in cost, you gain hundredfold in terms of genuine wood.

For those homeowners looking for a floor that is hardy, and can stand the test of time, you can never go wrong with this type of floor. This is suitable for those people who want nothing but the best, and who value originality. The best part of this kind of wood floor is that when it gets worn due to much foot traffic, it can be restored by using sandpaper and refinishing it.

• Engineered Wood Flooring Has its Benefits

If you are searching for the classic wood floor look, but you may be having financial constraints, fear not because there is an impressive alternative for you. Lacking a solid hardwood floor does not mean that you can't enjoy the feeling of having a wood flooring finish in your home. You can opt for engineered wood flooring which as much as it is not solid wood, it would be hard to differentiate from solid hardwood because it sounds and feels exactly like solid wooden floors.

Wood Flooring

Singapore is renowned for extremely high humidity levels, and thus this kind of floor is perfect for the kind of high temperatures experienced. This is because engineered wooden floors are not easily susceptible to high temperatures that cause warping of the wood. It is a product of engineering, made of real wood pressed over repurposed wood.

• Incorporating the Tiled Look

If you are an avowed enthusiast of tiled floor finishing, and you are wondering if you will ever become used to wooden floors, you are in luck. If your desire is to have floors with a tiled look, while enjoying the beauty and warmth of wood flooring, it is possible to kill two birds with one stone.

Nowadays, there are hardwood floors that bear a close appearance to tiles. Due to advanced designs, imitation of wooden floors to resemble tiled floors is all the rage. Homes boast of wooden floors that bear uncanny similarities to tiles, and it is a bold move for those wishing their homes to stand out from the rest in terms of innovation, daring, and style.

• Long and Wide Wooden Planks Can Work as Well As Narrow Ones

While we agree that incorporating wood flooring is the in-thing when it comes to floor finishing for the majority of homes, we may differ in terms of the size of the wood used. Every person has a unique and diverse sense of style when it comes to this aspect.

Even though, the most commonly used or well-liked finish is using narrow wooden strips to complete the look, more adventurous and daring homeowners have been experimenting with long and wide planks of wood to give their homes a fresh new look, different from the normal trend. Interior designers have gone the extra mile in coming up with new designs in the wood flooring sector that will leave you spoiled for choice.

• Diverse Types of Trees for Floors

Singapore is blessed with an amazing and impressive array of hardwood trees that are suitable for flooring. If you are looking to create your floor with wood from popular tree species, then you can select from oak, beech, teak, walnut, just to mention just a few. If you are searching for a floor with a darker and redder color tone, you can never go wrong with cherry wood.

For a fair white color for your wood flooring, you are recommended to use maple tree. Outdoor floors such as decks require wood that is durable and hardy such as the oak tree. If exotic is the way to go for you, then you are advised to think about bamboo or acacia floor finishing for a more magnificent look.

Wood Flooring

• You Can Never Go Wrong with Black

In the modern world, diversity and uniqueness have spread to every aspect of our lives, and choosing a wood flooring style is no exception. Unlike in the past where people conformed to conventional colors of wooden floors, nowadays colors like black are being used.

Having a black wooden floor is a bold move that screams stylish to your guests. A black wooden floor will complement your interior like no other color can, especially if your décor is of lighter color tones. If you want your home to be different, what better way to say it by having an ebony floor that will be both captivating and beautiful?

• It's Never Too Late to Get Wood Flooring

Regardless of the type of wood flooring that you decide to use for your home, you are now more informed about all the types. Apart from being eco-friendly by enhancing a sustainable environment, wood flooring can be recycled and it is also renewable.

If you want a genuine, homely and comfy feeling in your home, installing a wooden floor is the most suitable choice. Nothing beats the feeling of having a natural wooden floor in your home. If you want to upgrade to wooden flooring, or you want to install spanking new wood flooring, you are now in a better position to understand trends in this field.

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