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Types and Caring For Your Wood Flooring

The wood flooring remains the most popular floor of the house. It gives adds value and warmth to the home. You can choose from different wood flooring options that are available.

Wood Flooring

You can use wood flooring in almost any room in your home, except in the bathroom and kitchen, due to retention of moisture. If you're searching for the sort of wood you'll utilize, you should think about the decoration and appearance of your home.

The wood flooring choices

Hardwood is the most common choice of wood flooring. Some popular options for hardwood are Bella wood, oak, maple, hickory, cherry, and walnut. They come in different colors and shades. Walnut and cherry do not have to be applied in artificial colors because they are rich in color and natural.

Once you have chosen the wood you'll use, you must choose the floor for the application. You can choose to buy prefabricated wood with a transparent layer as protection. Pre-finished purchases may require a large budget, but it will save a lot of time and effort.

If you do not want to buy finished products, you can choose to do it yourself. After you install the floor, the urethane should be applied as a protective layer. You may need to apply several layers of urethane to a more durable floor. After each layer and the surface to obtain a smoother floor. This process takes several days.

Another option you can think of is covering the damaged or reclaimed ground. Although this type of floor is not smooth when touched, it is naturally beautiful and has a unique character. The advantage of this type is that the scratches are not easily visible, unlike the urethane floor.

Types of wood flooring

1. Antique wood floor

The antique floors are made of wood from historic houses or other structures from the turn of the century and earlier. This type of wood flooring has many advantages, including the historical factor. You will walk in history if you choose an old floor. Another advantage is the often beautiful beauty of the antique wood. The deep tone of the wood, the richness of color, the beauty of the account add to the unique, rustic but classic look and personality of your home.

Another characteristic of the antique wooden floor is that it is environmentally friendly. There is nothing more sustainable than the use of wood cut from a forest a hundred or two hundred years ago. The reuse of this old wood, instead of getting rid of it or burning it, is a smart and friendly option for the environment.

2. Pine flooring

Pine is a very popular type of floor. Pine is generally lighter in color than other types of laminate floors. Therefore, pine is a good option for homeowners who want to avoid dark wood. Also, because of its lightness, pine can dye many colors to suit your home or desired appearance. The bottom of the pine is also relatively cheap due to the abundance of pine trees. The pinewood flooring also resists the use and traffic is a very durable option.

The pine floor is easy to clean and maintain. You can use a duster or mop or broom to collect dust, dirt and debris that may accumulate during the week. Also, you can use a floor cleaner with a wet mop to remove stubborn stains and debris. You will also need to use rugs and carpets in the busiest areas, but especially around the entrances. Stick to the natural fibre mats instead of rubber mats, where rubber can leave stains or debris on the floor. If you have dogs or cats, be sure to cut your nails so as not to scratch the ground.

3. Laminate flooring

In addition to the traditional flooring options, another option is the wooden floor. It looks like real hardwood and can be purchased at a lower price. Companies in Singapore provides laminates flooring of high quality. Bamboo floors and cork are also other options.

Wood Flooring

Proper maintenance of wood flooring

1. Remove dirt and dust by cleaning or sweeping the floor regularly. Do not let the floor accumulate dirt and dust, as it can scratch the ground.

2. Place the mats on the front doors to prevent dirt from entering your home.

3. Clean the floor gently with a mop if necessary. Use an almost dry mop instead of a wet mop. Water can remain on the ground and corrode over time. The mold can also be formed between the wooden slats, which eventually destroys the soil.

No matter what type of floor you choose in your house, you can make it more durable by taking care of it and taking care of it. Also you can use different type of decorations to make it have a desired appearance.

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