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What Are The Benefits Of Oak Flooring?

Here Are the Reasons Why You Should Choose Oak Flooring for Your Home written by: writer529 Whether you’re designing your new home or simply renovating, choosing the right kind of floors to install inside your home make a lot of difference with regards to the aesthetic appeal of a house. Even more, choosing the right kind of flooring for your home can easily contributing to increasing the value of your house which is a big advantage once you wish to sale it. The right floors also improve the overall ambience of your house. But more than that, choosing the right kind of flooring in your homes contributes a lot in making your floors comfortable. And if you are goal is to have that kind of flooring that is aesthetically appealing, will help in increasing your home’s value, and one that is comfortable and easily improves the ambience of your house, then oak flooring would be your best option.

Oak Flooring Singapore

So why choose oak flooring?

You may be one of those people who think of oak flooring as an expensive type of flooring without thinking about its benefits first and foremost. True, choosing to outfit your house with hardwood oak floors might cost you a lot but that expensive investment will actually pay off. In fact, the benefits of choosing oak flooring for your homes far outweigh the initial expenses that you might be so worried of. So, just sit back and relax as you read some of the most important benefits why oak flooring is the best for your home.

* Oak floors are good quality wooden floors

By ensuring quality, you can also ensure that your flooring will last for decades. Not only are hardwood oak floors sturdy, they lend homes a timeless sophistication and warmth too without overdoing it – which is why oak-furnished floors are sought after by plenty of home buyers.

* Oak floors require little or no maintenance at all

Compared to carpets, which need daily cleaning and vacuuming to keep off dust, oak flooring requires little maintenance. This is because most oak floors are already treated to resist damage and stains and some are even laminated to make them look great. That is, an occasional brushing or light vacuuming would be enough to keep these floor look like new again. Also, while oak floors are susceptible to scratches and scrapes, using sandpaper to polish those scratches is far cheaper than refitting a damaged carpet. You also have the choice of replacing the damage board/s instead of the whole flooring.

* Oak flooring is a more hygienic floor choice

Where parasites like bugs can easily live on carpets, this is not the case with hardwood floors like oak. The combination of dust and other allergens accumulating on the floor especially with carpeted ones can play havoc with anyone of your family members who has an allergy but you do not have to worry about that with oak floors. Aside from that, wooden floors do not trap unpleasant odors especially from pet animals dumping on your floors.

* Oak flooring is structurally strong

This refers to oak wood’s ability to withstand shock – which only means that they are not easily susceptible to breaking, loosening, or splitting. Oak wood is naturally strong thanks to its sturdy and dense wood composition. In fact, oak wood floors can easily provide a house with better acoustics when installed properly since they do not produce any vibrations or make room for hollow sounds. Some oak wood varieties, like white oak also has natural qualities which make them resistant to moisture, fungus, and insects which make them even stronger to withstand the most common elements that destroy floors.

* Oak flooring is timeless

In its most literal sense, oak floors are tried and tested to last for decades. Carpets suffer from wear and tear. Tile and linoleum patterns fade over a period of time and their designs are sometimes in and out of fashion. But that is not a problem with oak floors. Because of their timeless appeal, you can outfit your home with oak wood flooring today and sell it 25 years or so later and still, the oak wood floors will never be out of fashion or lose its appeal.

* Oak flooring has many varieties

If you are worried of having a limited choice, you don’t have to worry. There are many varieties of oak wood available in many colors that are sometimes inherent to its species. There are also plenty of options if you want to choose something with a different style as well as bespoke stains to fit your preferences.

* Oak flooring makes your house sell faster

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why you should outfit your home with hardwood floors is that it increases your home’s value in the long term. Oak wood floors are a very good investment due to the fact that they make your house sell at a much higher price. In fact, real estate agents attest that homes with hardwood floors are twice likely to sell easily compared to houses with other floor finishes.

* Oak floors are very ideal in keeping your homes cool in the summer

Since oak wood came from natural materials they’re also environmental friendly even inside your home. This is because oak hardwood stays cool even when it’s warm but not cold enough that it feels uncomfortable for your feet. This is also another reason why it’s fine to lie on your back with oak floorings to rest or just lazed about; something that you cannot do with tiled floors since they’re too cold verging on making your back muscles achy.

The bottom line

Compared to other floor options, choosing to outfit your house with oak flooring provides more advantages not just in the short term but especially in the long term. Yes, oak floors might cost more than carpets, tiles, and linoleums combined but they are much easier to install, requires little maintenance, and is not susceptible to getting damaged easily. The many benefits of oak flooring also make for a very economical choice that also makes it a very good investment in the future considering that it increases a house’s selling value. With all these benefits, who wouldn’t love the classic sophistication of oak floors?

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