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What Is Parquet Flooring Made Of?

If you're interested in parquet flooring and you would like to use it in various areas of your home, you might be actually interested in what it's made of. Well, first of all you should know what such flooring is made from dozens of pieces of wood that are fitted together, much like a puzzle or mosaic. In terms of size, it can be as small as a bathroom or as large as ballroom. Even better, because this type of flooring needs to be eye catching, it's generally made from various wood types with varying grains. On top of that, you may also see the technique of parquetry inlay being used, especially when it comes to decorative items or furniture.

What Is Parquet Flooring Made Of

The purpose of parquet is to provide a surface for people to walk on and to also cover the joists of the floor. Looking at it from a historical point of view, cheap homes tended to have plain wooden floors, as they were much less costly to build, while wealthy homes featured lavish floors that were made either from slate, limestone or marble.

When parquetry appeared on the market as a viable option for having great looking flooring, it was considered to be a good choice for wealthy homeowners (amongst others). The builders immediately seized upon the technique due to the fact that not only did it allow for creating beautiful, durable and lasting floors, but also floors that looked quite unique. On top of that, compared to stone flooring, this type would not trap moisture, which would eventually rot in the floor's joists causing them to fail.

The best thing about it? Well, that lies in the fact that all types of wood can be used for creating a pattern. While some floors use strips which differ in terms of color quite much, others will employ a more subtle variance. To number some of the classic patterns of parquet flooring, they include brick style, chevron, basket and herringbone style flooring. And if we're talking about ornate parquet, it basically uses various geometric shapes in order to create a beautiful and large pattern which may include abstract art, sunbursts and floral themes.

In general, parquet is made by cutting solid wood pieces in a groove pattern and tongue, so that eventually they can easily be fitted together. Due to the fact that the floor is quite solid, when it will start to degrade in age, it will be simple to resurface and sand it down. Even better, there are some floors which may also resist going through a few finishes before requiring to be replaced.

The majority of supply stores out there have all the required materials in order to have a great quality and great looking parquet flooring installed in your home. To make sure the pattern is well thought out, consistent and even, it's way better to consider the services of a professional. All in all, the installation will be completed in a few days with amazing results. Good luck with choosing the right pattern for you!
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