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5 Types Of Best Wood Flooring in Singapore

Wood flooring costs deep pains to the installers but the aesthetic sense takes the pain away. Say it homes or offices, you can use these flooring methods to enhance the beauty of floor. People's of Singapore generally prefer wood flooring in their homes. It is quite a common method of flooring in the country. Besides the product range, the quality and durability of these wood flooring has made these flooring methods quite popular in the country. The growing usage of wood flooring has increased the growth of wood flooring industry. It is easy to avail flooring consultants, maintenance experts, and installers in the country.

Different Types of Wood Flooring

Designs of wood flooring
Different types of flooring have different designs, different specifications and uniqueness. Best flooring techniques need to be carefully understood before implementing those.

Basing on your preferences here are 5 types of best wood flooring in Singapore

1.Laminate flooring


*It is easy to maintain laminate flooring.
*The life span of these flooring is quite high.

Where you can use laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring can be used as a replacement of marble flooring in bedrooms and study rooms.

Choosing laminate flooring

*The best practice is to seek the help of professionals who have expertise in this flooring technique. You can refer to some of the online vendors for this. You should opt for those providers who provide good customer service.
*Asking your friends and family members can be a good idea before you purchase laminated flooring.

How to preserve your laminated flooring to make it look the way it is?

*You should keep the flooring dry as much as possible. You can clean it by using wet cloth.
*Putting rugs in high footfall areas prevent these flooring from wear and tear.
*Always sweep your laminate flooring. You can also mop the laminate flooring.

2. Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring is made of layered hardwood. This flooring technique is easy to install. It is highly resistant to moisture although it raises concern about fire and flood.


*Great aesthetic sense is protruded in this flooring.
*Solid planks can be easily glued to the concrete floors to give the looks that you wish to give to your floors.

Where can you use engineered wood flooring?

type of floor technique is best for households.

Choosing engineered wood flooring

*Veneer is used on top of the flooring. Thickness of the veneer determines the price of this flooring.
*This floor consists of different layers made of different wood. The layer can vary from three to twelve depending upon design of this flooring. White wood or plywood can fit to the under layers of the top layers.
*The thickness of the top layer should be restricted between 2 to 6 millimetres.

Preserving techniques

type of floor asks for maintenance more often. You need to put sand and refurnish this flooring for proper maintenance.

3. Parquet flooring

Geometrical design of this floor consists square shaped wood. It is easy matching these flooring with furniture.

Features of this flooring

*It can not only be cleaned easily but also it has got stain restricting capabilities.
*When concrete flooring gets damaged in your home you can easily install wood on top of damaged concrete flooring.

Who should use type of floor?

*type of floor best suits People's, who suit environment conscious.
*type of floor is pretty sensitive. Where there is no use of water on the floor, People's can opt for this flooring.

Maintenance techniques

You apply coats on this flooring to avoid it from getting damaged.

4. Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is both water and stain resistant. It makes use of a synthetic to make it versatile. These prove to be economical with utmost durability.


*type of floor has the capability to stand heavy foot traffic.
*type of floor restricts foot noise to a great level.
*type of floor is available with a variety of colors that match with furniture.

Where this flooring should be used?

*type of floor should be used in places where there is no use of heavy loads or sharp objects.
*type of floor should not be used in places where the floor directly gets exposure from sunlight.

5. Carpet flooring

Carpet works in the best way in avoid trip hazard on the floor. There are two ways in which you can use carpets on your floors. You can use carpets on your concrete floors and wood floors. It is easy to take proper care of the carpet flooring.
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