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What Is The Best Wood Flooring For Yoga Room?

Yoga is an excellent form of both physical and mental exercise, and in Singapore a large percentage of women head to a yoga rooms; outdoor, hot or cold to opt out of a hectic lifestyle for a while and enjoy a soothing exercise. Yoga is an ancient art and in our hectic, modern times, it plays an important role in freeing the mind from distracting thoughts, training it to concentrate on the moment. Yoga and mindfulness are helpful in pain management, arthritis, backache, reduces anxiety and stress, wards off depression and it is practiced by people of all ages and levels of fitness. When looking at different types of yoga flooring, most yoga studios look at wooden floors because it gives the studio a certain aura.

There is nothing that beats the look of a beautiful wood floor to add atmosphere, but you can't base a yoga studio on aesthetics alone; you have to take into account durability, weather, cost, health and safety, maintenance and durability. Of course the flooring depends on the studio, but safety is always the first concern when choosing flooring because yoga is mostly practiced directly on the floor.

What Is The Best Wood Flooring For Yoga Room?

Wooden Floors Cope with Heavy Traffic

Wooden floors need to be free from any defects and the surface should also be slip free. Cleanliness is a prime concern in a a yoga room and you will want flooring which is easy to keep clean and sanitized. Hardwood floors are comfortable- and also warm to walk on and add value to any space. Wooden floors have made huge advances in style and durability, making them widely used in dance studios, basketball halls, gyms and yoga studios. With simple maintenance, they cope well in heavy traffic areas and will last a lifetime. When investing in a yoga room floor, you may be wondering about hardwood and laminate.

Laminate is a multi-layer synthetic flooring which

- imitates the appearance of real wood
- laminate flooring for a yoga room is hygienic and easy to keep clean
- modern laminate flooring comes in individual pieces which can be snapped together, and these can be easily replaced
- routine cleaning simply requires dusting with a clean, dry cloth or a damp cloth which removes grit which can scratch the floor surface.

Hardwood Floors Safe for Participants

- hardwood can be repaired and upgraded by simply by sanding out imperfections and this gives hardwood an advantage over laminate, in that it lasts for years
- opt for hardwoods such as such as maple, beech, cherry, or oak which are durable and beautiful
- the wood is harvested and milled to the highest standards and also pre-finished with polyurethane lacquer.

The benefit of hardwood floors is that you get the good looks but with the protection you need for yoga moves. The density of the floors and its non slip surface is shock absorbent and the floor is also designed for barefoot or soft shoe use.

Flooring For Yoga Room

Engineered wood is a good choice for a yoga room because it is more resistant to temperature changes than solid wood.

- engineered wood is also designed to offer better stability and resistance than solid wood floors
- has a multiple-ply plank design; this allows the floor to expand while maintaining its structural stability
- this kind of wood flooring has different layers which are bonded together under heat and pressure. The stacking of the layers prevents the wood from expanding, contracting and warping when it is exposed to different environmental factors. It is the multiple-ply plank feature which makes engineered wood a superb alternative to solid hardwood
- it is a versatile choice of flooring simply because it is resistant to heat and moisture.

Wood flooring comes in a range of trendy colours, designs, sizes and patterns which meet the requirements of different yoga- gym- and dance studios. Many wooden floor specialists are in partnership with manufacturers so that they can offer superior products that meet the needs of the yoga- and fitness industry. They add thick foam layers below the wooden floors which absorb the impact from participants constantly moving on the floor.

Challenging Physical Postures Possible on the Correct Flooring

Hardwood floors such as oak and maple for instance are sought after for yoga studios because of its beauty and its resilient nature. A variety of hardwood flooring options are available to suit every studio's requirements ensuring your facility will have the best quality hardwood surface on which to achieve mental and physical fitness. Do your research and make sure you choose wood floor experts who have vast industry experience and who use the finest quality wood to meet the high demands of all customers.

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