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Why More People are Choosing Laminate Flooring?

Singapore Laminate Flooring

Why More People are Choosing Laminate Flooring?

Looking for laminate flooring? There are various choices available for your flooring purposes. Unless, you want to leave your concrete floor uncovered, which some may think as rustic whilst others may find it rather cold, you may consider covering your floor with tiles, laminate, timber or carpet. The type of flooring you choose depends on the budget you have, the rooms you want to lay the flooring, your preference for natural or synthetic materials and the overall design of your home.

Laminate is made of synthetic materials comprising plastic and fiber. Laminate is not only used on the floor, they are also commonly used for bay windows and furniture like tables and cabinets.
There are several reasons why laminate is gaining popularity for flooring purposes. Firstly, people are using laminate for their floor and bay window because of the wide and varied range of designs and colours they can choose from but without the need to disturb nature and the environment. Laminate can imitate the designs of wood patterns of timber flooring; the designs of stones and leather too! The availability of such wide range of interesting patterns will help you generate many ideas in the choice of theme and design of your home! Also you can choose the laminate for your floor or bay window that is of the same design as your made-to-measure study table or book shelf.

Secondly, laminate flooring can be purchased at a reasonable cost; this is especially appreciated by households with a tight budget since a large fortune has already been spent on the house! Notwithstanding its lower cost, the life span is still very reasonable; it will remain good as new definitely for more than five years and without excessively heavy or careless usage, it can last up to 10 years!

Thirdly, laminate flooring is easy to install, so even if your bay window or flooring is curved, it can be easily cut to fit accordingly. Because of its ease of installation, less time is required and hence the cost of labour to install would be lower than if other materials were used for your flooring.

Lastly, laminate flooring is water and scratch resistant and so it is very easy to maintain. If you have stone flooring e.g. marble flooring, you will have to be very careful to avoid spills because if left unattended, the spills will leave a permanent stain on the marble flooring. In the case of parquet flooring, it is particularly sensitive to wetness so you have to be extremely careful not to clean parquet with very damp mop lest it warped. Thus, you can enjoy the comfort of your daily living without the need to exercise extreme care in maintaining your own home covered with laminate flooring. Further, there is no need to polish or re-sand laminate flooring unlike stone or parquet flooring, further saving costs in the long run.

At reasonable cost, great designs and ease of installation and maintenance, it is no wonder more and more people are choosing laminate flooring, so what are you waiting for?

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