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Why Wood Floorings Is Better Than Other Options Available?

In recent days traditional objects are starting to get more popularity due to their durability, low maintenance value, and aesthetics. Traditional products also have less amount of chemicals in them which makes them more eco-friendly and easy to use. Engineering has nowadays developed a lot of home furnishing products. There are diverse options available there for new would be homeowners or who look forward to re-furnishing their homes in various ways. Flooring is one of the main parts of the house. When we first enter the house the first things we see is the aesthetics and the quality of the household. There is an assortment of options for flooring available there starting from timber, vinyl, tile to plywood, carpet etc. Among all of them, wood flooring is definitely considered the best option by some in an aesthetic sense.

Wood Flooring

Why choose wood flooring?

In old days wood flooring used to be the main aspect of a house. They were the shine and benefits of a home. During the periods of kings and queens, having a house with a hardwood floor was considered a symbol of status. Palaces like Buckingham Palace have used hardwood flooring from expensive timbers to create a high-end look for centuries wood flooring has various benefits.

Some of them are-

1) No Grout lines, or trapped fibers or embossing that has a chance of trapping pollen or animal hair

2) Certain Kiln dried and engineered hardwood floors have more durability than tile flooring. Woods with certain treatments done and coatings have long lasting durability and provide a different kind of shine to them.

3) Properly installed wood flooring doesn’t have gaps to let dust and debris accumulate, so, it is easy to clean. Weekly cleaning may just require vacuuming and mopping.

4) Wooden floors are easy to install for people with some experience and can last a long time. Timely maintenance requires sanding the wood at jagged places and a protective coating.

5) Hardwood floors provide better acoustics in the house compared to other modern flooring types.

6) The hardwood floors provide a warmer and cleaner interior with great aesthetics and high-end finish.

7) The older the hardwood floor the more value the property has. Properties with centuries-old wooden floors have more resale value than ones with modern engineered ones.

8) There are a variety of patterns and designs woods come in. Colors also vary for different woods. So there are a variety of options to choose from.

9) Wood flooring enables a look of spaciousness and coziness wherever installed.


Wood flooring has various benefits. There are various options available now even for wood flooring. Like the engineered ones which have a layer of hardwood followed by a layer of plywood or wooden debris mixed with stone dust. This is to ensure the wood floor doesn’t expand or contract while winter or monsoon seasons. This kind of engineered hardwoods is generally preferred for bathrooms or kitchens. Generally places with higher moisture content. Places with cooler climate use hardwood flooring because the wood has a great capability to store warmth than modern substances like tiles, and can keep the place warmer than outside.

Regardless of any reason, wood flooring is a highly preferred option among homeowners because of its spaciousness, durability, and aesthetics that it creates. Also, various engineered products like tiles or vinyl, have synthetic polymers used in them which have long term harmful effects on the human body. Absorption of such polymers by our body for a long time can cause various kinds of skin diseases. Carpeted floorings have great accumulating power for storing pollens, animal hairs and other debris. This stuff can poise long term respiratory effects for children as well as adults. Pollens can cause allergic reactions.

Wood Flooring

In this modern day, high-end buildings and houses having marbled and polished floors have lesser demands than houses having wood flooring. Houses with wood floorings have a cleaner environment some levels of aristocracy than tiled floors. Though wood floors are fairly expensive, the advantages we get from them are plenty. The lesser usage of harmful chemicals does not only help us but also helps us create a little less waste for our planet.

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