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Wood Flooring - Basic Information Guide

Wood floors are natural materials that are safe and environmentally friendly. They can be recycled too. Also, wood floors, unlike other types of floors, do not accumulate dirt and allergenic contaminants. That is why many leading institutions in health care see wood floors as the ideal alternative to a healthy home. In most cases, wooden floors are reasonably priced. The wooden floors retain their value and demonstrate their splendor and durability without age.

Wood Flooring

Styles of wooden floors

. parquet

This is a type of floor in which parquet pieces are assembled with different geometric patterns and patterns. Hardly, a hardwood of this kind is perfect for kitchens with a lot of traffic and rooms for children and games rooms. The slight hardwood is ideal for living rooms.

. Floor of the band

The floor of the band often called a hardwood floor, is a solid, linear floor that has widths of 1 �, two ¼, and three ¼ inches. This rough wood generates a long result in the areas where it is installed, which often gives the illusion and the impression of a larger space. The wooden floor of the band also comes in the kind of softwood like pine.

. Floorboards

This type has a more great width but is also in linear designs. The floorboards are available in widths of 5, 4 and 3 inches. Red oak and northern white ash are among the hardwood species commonly used for plank floors.

Types of wooden floors

. Engineering floor

This type of floor is pleasant for rooms and parts of your home where the solid wood floor is not suitable for service rooms, basements, and bathrooms. Compared to solid wood, engineered floor coverings have greater dimensional durability because their wood grains are very divergent and oriented in different directions. This floor is usually available in 5 and three layers and is composed of wood sheets together.

Wood Flooring

. Acrylic impregnated floors

Soils impregnated with acrylics, as the name implies, is a method that uses acrylics that are infused into the wood, thus generating a very hard and ultra hard floor. While suitable for homes, floors impregnated with acrylic are typically implemented in business-related applications such as cafes, restaurants and shopping centers.

. Solid floor

This type offers consumers enormous opportunities to be creative and make many changes. Solid floors come in all sizes and thicknesses, with a strip of wood from top to bottom. The solid floor is ideal for many residential sections. The finishes and essences you prefer to play an essential role in the personal touch that your floor can support.

. Wood floor cuts

The appearance of the finished wood is formed and determined by the approximation and cutting angle of the floor. The wooden floors are cut into three approaches: sawing with a chainsaw, sawing flat and sawed.

Quartersawn is a type of wood that coils and wears evenly. It is more expensive because it generates fewer table feet for each ball compared to ordinary sawing.

Sawed Rift is comparable to wood cut into quarters, with cuts created at a slightly different angle.

The type of simple sawing is the most popular cut. It has more variants than a quarter of sawing, and the cut of cracks due to the designs of the grain of the circles in growth is more noticeable.

The installation of wooden floors is not as complicated as it seems. If you have time and patience to read the instructions and take the appropriate measures, you can install floors of any kind in a short time. Undertaking a floor installation is like filling a gigantic puzzle, but more comfortable. The key to a successful floor installation is to place the first tile in the corner of the room in question and continue to pose the pieces as you work to complete the puzzle.

. Basic floor installation

It is crucial to have some knowledge of the key tools needed to perform a ground installation. Some of the necessary tools include a circular saw, a tape measure, a hammer, square and a carpenter's pencil, a corner, a knife, a block of wood, a lever, a vacuum cleaner and a fan. In addition to all this, it is also essential that you have some protection for your eyes and ears.

Now you will finally have to get your selected floor. If you choose a laminate floor, the glue is useless. Just remember that a floor that needs to be glued requires more work.

Wood Flooring

Practical advice for easy installation of the wooden floor

These few tips promise to simplify installation on the ground.

1. Make sure the floor is level and smooth before starting. A rough base will eventually become a fragile floor. A gentle slope is not a problem, but there is a higher percentage of ground flexion if there is extreme inequality.

2. The first step is to cut the floor pieces at the ends of several rows. Cuts should also be made in the door frames. Be sure to sharpen the saw blade so that the floor is not chipped.

3. Use a rigid piece of cardboard or cardboard to check for complex cuts, similar to those found in door frames. Cutting complex cuts are always more comfortable if a template is used. This way, you will not find the need to buy more flats because something went wrong.

4. Be sure to allow the installation of the finishing parts. You can measure and then measure a few times so you can confirm if the pieces fit perfectly.

It is desirable to take as much time as you need when installing the floors. Jumping through the installation steps will only cause an error in the installation of the wooden floor.

Wood floors are increasingly popular in homes around the world. Replace the carpets that, after a few years, begin to look worn and dirty, because with the wood, as long as it is maintained, it will always look new and clean. Although the initial value of wood can be expensive, the long-term value can often be cheaper. For example, you can pay for a quality rug, but you may have to replace it 2 or 3 times in 10 years. Once and this can last from 20 to 30 years. Therefore, the long-term aspects of wood are less expensive than carpet.

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