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Wood Flooring Varieties And Benefits

The number of wood flooring possibilities is broad. Dependant upon your individual taste and the style of the room there are several decisions to be made for example the various wood types, plank widths, surface finishes (lacquered or oiled), surface structures, impressions (2 strips or plank) and styles.

Wood Flooring

The main kinds of wood floors are hard wood, laminate floors, and engineered wood flooring.

For each one of these flooring varieties, there is various grades available. Grading refers to the level of quality of the floor according to of its color and graining appearance. It's always important to view a sample of the flooring before you commit to a decision, like a flat picture inside a leaflet never gives the wood the justice it deserves. It must be kept in mind, however, that because no two pieces of wood are the same, there may be some degree of difference (however small) between what you see and what you get.

Board sizes can vary in thickness, width, and length.

Most solid wood floors have a maximum plank width of 160mm, whereas some engineered boards are available in larger sizes as they are much less vulnerable to shrinkage caused by changes in temperature. Long planks typically work nicely in large rooms, although it is preferable to use short wide planks or strips in small rooms. If the room is small and dark, then try something such as a pale wood color in a three-plank strip to create the feeling of space.

It's crucial that you consider whether you prefer an unfinished board that is finished on the job, or possibly a flooring product that is prefinished in the factory. With an unfinished floor, your installer will lay the floor, sand it and apply the finish. You will not be able to walk on the floor until twelve hours following the final finishing. Although this can be a more involved and lengthy process, it will create a smooth floor which has been handcrafted at your home.

A prefinished floor is one where the finish is applied in the factory. Laminate floor products are typically prefinished, and several solid products are available prefinished. Prefinished flooring removes the dust and noise factors, however , you will have to make sure your subfloor is perfectly level to get the best results.

Wood Flooring

The finish on the floor is a crucial factor.

A lacquered finish (also called Polyurethane or varnish) gives the wood floor an additional strong smooth and glossy protective coating. Such type of finish may be beneficial in dark rooms which have little natural light. A lacquered finish may also be applied in a matt style (known as UV Lacquered Finish) which is better suitable for rooms that are very well lit by natural light.

An oiled finish gives the floor a protective finish whilst keeping the look and feel pretty natural. There is also an Oiled and Brushed Finish where steel brushes are used in the direction o the grain to open up the surface of the wood and gets rid of splinters. The wood will then be oiled to create a naturally textured surface that highlights the natural grain of the wood.

In contrast, you have the Thermo Treated, Brushed, and Oiled Finish. The term treatment process reveals the real natural qualities of the wood. This leads to a mid to dark brown color that exists within the natural Oak veneer. The panels are heated to a hot temperature which then causes the Oak to become darker. It's regarded as an environmentally friendly option as no chemical substances are used during the process, just heat and steam. This sort of finish is popular with those who are looking for strong dark color floor.

Why to Choose Wood Flooring Top Reasons

There is something unusual about wood flooring that makes it so different from other flooring forms and also one that is quite popular in North America. Wood Floors give a natural look to the home's interiors, and they also give a shine that illuminates the entire home. You can find wood floors available in a variety of styles and fashions such as exotic bamboo, rustic pine, and traditional oak and so on. The flooring also comes in a variety of color choices and different species of wood flooring provide different looks as well as texture.

Wood Flooring

There are many advantages in using wood flooring.

This kind of flooring is long lasting and also easy-to-repair. You will find wood flooring to last for more than hundred years and it is a preferred choice as it is quite durable. Other types of flooring materials are not as good, and it requires fewer maintenance efforts. There are lots of new technology products that enable wood to maintain it the sheen. Wood stains are easy-to-remove, and all that is necessary is just limited sweeping and vacuuming.

Many people prefer wood flooring to other forms of flooring because it does not cause allergies. When you have carpeted flooring, there is always the danger of dust mites, mildew and mold formation. This problem is not experienced with wooden flooring which is not subject to problems such as pollen, animal dander and so on

There is a various style to choose from in wood flooring.

Commonly used is the ordinary plank flooring which is made from three-inch long wood pieces. The wide plank wood flooring is made from thick planks that are cut out of logs of varying lengths. Older homes with wooden floors are seen to have this type of wood flooring. Parquet flooring makes use of various species of wood planks for the flooring. Strip flooring is made out of shorter pieces of wood that are about two and one-quarter inches (5.7 cm) in width.

Whenever you think about making enhancements to your home, the first point to come to mind is that you should be implementing features that increase the value of your home and this is exactly what you gain with wood flooring. A home with wood flooring has a higher resale price because of the value of the flooring and for people who are looking specifically to buy a home with wood flooring, the seller can state his or her selling price.

If you are looking for a flooring variety that is not very expensive or which does not cost much, wood flooring is the best option. This kind of flooring can be done in within desired budget.

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