What is Wood Flooring?

How do you define home? Home is our comfort zone, it is a place where we relax ourselves. Flooring is essential to our home, but what type of flooring is the best? It is a person prefence.

Hardwood floowing is environmentally friendly which comes from renewable resources such as barns, recycled building and etc. Hardwood flooring is much healthier choice for people who are suffering allergies. Hardwood flooring is neutral, beautiful and attractive as compared to other types of flooring. There are different types of hardwood floors in the market such as solid wood floor, engineered wood floor and exotic wood species. Before you are start installing hardwood flooring yourself, our sub-floor needs to be dry, clean and flat.

Is hardwood flooring hard to maintain?

No, hardwood flooring is durable and styles. Hardwood flooring may be expensive when you purchase them but down to years, you will notice that you do not need to pay for replacement regularly. Compared to carpets, stains and odour are much harder to maintain and clean. Unlike hardwood flooring, spillage of drinks and foods, can be easily wiped and mopped without leaving any stain marks. Never wet mop with solution on hardwood flooring as it will damage the wood. If hardwood flooring is not shiny anymore, you could hire a professional company to restore its condition. Hardwood flooring is not scratch-proof, it is not advisable to install this flooring if you have pets at home as dents and scratches may surface after some time.

There are pros and cons installing hardwood flooring. By installing hardwood flooring, there may be an advantage of high resale value when you sell your flat in future. As flooring is very durable, the new owner who takes over the flat can simply restore its condition and it will look like total new flooring. You may encounter problems such as hardwood flooring expanding and termites. Hardwood flooring expands due to change of temperature, and if it happened, the floor will nt be smooth and uneven.

Few tips when choosing hardwood flooring:
1. Know what types of quality, do some research and set a budget amount.
2. Choose a set of flooring design and make sure it matches your house theme.
3. Always choose a type of product that is able to withhold heavy foot traffic, in any case your house is holding events occasionally.
4. Look for a professional wood flooring company and they will answer all enquiries.

Thinking about installing it yourself? Before you are start installing hardwood flooring yourself, your sub-floor needs to be dry, clean and flat. It is still strongly recommended to hire a professional flooring company to install for you, as it may not be easy and you may encounter pain such as backaches.