What is Parquet Flooring?

When it comes to renovation of house, many people would not bother to spend some time and money to select the right choice for floorings. Floorings are usually overlooked by most. Flooring is one of the important aspect of a house. As a consumer, we would want to choose the cheapest and the smartest way to beautify our homes. There are many kinds of floorings available and the options are very wide. Parquet floorings are in geometric design and it is made up of square pieces of wood. There are different types of parquet floorings availalbe such as laminate, solid, mosaic and many other more. Parquet floorings are simple in design and easy to match with any furniture.

There are several reasons to why parquet floorings are so well likes by most people. Firstly, it can be cleaned very easily and it can prevent stubborn stains from happening. Secondly, parquet flooring is usually installed to be concrete basement and when the floorings are damage, it can be transformed into a brand new one by using varnish.

In the past, parquet flooring is very sensitive to moisture and it will bulge out when exposed to water or humidity frequently. With the revolution of advanced technologies, parquet floorings are now made up of plywood or hardwood with laminated finish. Parquet floorings are very suitable for peoplewho are very environment conscious.

Parquet floorings are simple in design; therefore, it is easy to match with any kinds of house designs. As compared to other floorings, parquet floorings are cleaper thatn the other floorings and this is also one attractive reason why people are so attracted to it. The warranty for parquest flooring varies differently; some are as long as 25 years which depends on the thickness.

Many people would think that parquet flooring is very hard to maintain but it is not the case. For your information, parquet floorings are used in many royal families because of its elegancy. When varnishing your parquet floorings, you got to be very patient with it because you might take a longer time. it is good to always apply poluurethane to your parquet floorings. For the best results, apply three coats. A beautiful parquet flooring is definitely worth the price.