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7 Reasons Why You Should Install Laminate Flooring For Your BTO

Floating wood tile or laminate flooring is a synthetic type of flooring material that is composed of multiple layers. The inner core is made from a combination of fiberboard and melamine resin. The layers are fused together using the process of lamination, hence the name of the product. It is a durable material hence it is a popular choice with modern homeowners.

Laminate Flooring For BTO

What makes laminates stand out from the crowd?

Laminate flooring is the go-to product for flooring needs not just in residential projects, but also in commercial and industrial settings. Aside from the obvious advantage of affordability over flooring materials such as all-natural hardwood, laminates have a few more desirable features that make it one, if not the most popular flooring product today.

It`s simple to install as well as easy to maintain. There is no need for fancy or expensive equipment when installing the pieces. When cleaning the floor, waxing is unnecessary because dirt does not accumulate. Using a broom or a damp mop will suffice. Laminates can be installed on many different types of sub-floor surfaces, including concrete, plywood, or stone.

Laminate flooring has become one of the top choices for today's homeowners. Whether you are considering flooring due to a remodel or new construction, there are a few facts that just might turn you away from the popular hardwood and tile flooring. From price to versatility, laminate flooring boasts numerous benefits for the homeowner.

1. Price

Laminate flooring is the most economical choice for flooring. The product itself is significantly less costly than most hardwoods, tile, and stone. The installation and maintenance of this make of floor are also less expensive to its alternatives compounding the savings for the homeowner. A budget-conscious consumer also reaps the benefit of this durable flooring maintaining its value throughout the years.

2. Durability

Laminate flooring is number one for durability compared to other flooring materials. It is designed to resist wear and tear which makes it the perfect choice for high traffic areas or families with young children or pets. Resisting scratches, dents, stains and fading, this flooring retains its quality for many years longer than hardwoods or carpeting. Occasionally, damage can occur, but repair or replacement of the damaged area is very simple and inexpensive.

Laminate Flooring For BTO

The reason for its durability is a feature called a wear layer, which is a resin-based coating on the individual boards of laminate floors which are specifically designed to resist many forms of abrasion. It is typically made up of several coats of aluminum oxide or melamine. Because of latest modifications of laminate flooring, there are damp resistant choices so you would now be able to install it into your restroom and kitchen.

3. Installation

Many homeowners preferring to install their own flooring choose laminate due to its ease of installation. Installation can be performed without the need for special tools or equipment. It also can be installed on any clean, even surface allowing the homeowner to place laminate directly on top of other types of flooring without having to remove them.

4. Low maintenance

Once introduced Laminate flooring maintains its 'brand new' appearance for a considerable length of time to come, and just requires some light cleaning. Not at all like hardwood flooring, it needn't bother with buffing or waxing giving you ideal advantages without inconveniences. No other flooring simple to maintain than laminate floors! For regular cleaning, essentially vacuum the floor or sweep to expel debris and loose dirt. Do not attempt to utilize wax, household cleaners, soap or some other item on laminate floors. This will leave a film on your floor and cause it to pull in more soil and leave streaks and footprints.

Experience a floor that is virtually maintenance free. Vacuuming or sweeping to lift dirt and debris, followed by a damp mop is all that is needed to maintain its beauty and shine. Imagine never having to shampoo the carpet or refinish the hardwood floors ever again.

5. Cleanliness

It does not require the polishing that hardwood floors often do and is stain-resistant in most cases. If it does get a stain, it can usually be cleaned using water and a mild detergent. This presents a huge advantage over wood floors, which can be difficult to clean and stain rather easily. Laminate also has the advantage of being essentially free of defects. Whenever you buy it, you can be confident that there will be no faulty pieces that have to be reshaped or thrown out. Real hardwood flooring has the advantage of being natural, but this also means that it will have all of the flaws, blemishes, and defects that natural wood can have.

Unlike carpeting, quality flooring does not trap dust and allergens making it a cleaner floor choice for many homeowners. Since no special cleaners are required, no harsh chemicals are introduced into your family's home.

Laminate Flooring For BTO

6. Versatility

Whether you prefer the look of hardwood or stone, laminate flooring can be purchased to mimic these materials. Laminate has come a long way from your grandmother's kitchen floor imitating wood grains, stone, tile, and mosaic patterns. The range of color and textures are numerous allowing the homeowner to achieve the look they love without the price tag.

7. Eco-Friendly

Laminate flooring is often made out of recycled materials. Since harvesting resources such as hardwood or stone are not required, the laminate is a great green home alternative.

Now that you know some important facts and where to shop for laminate flooring you shouldn't delay. You can find the right laminate for your BTO in Singapore today. Laminate can change the entire look of your home and stay in your budget. You won't be disappointed with your decision to use laminate flooring. Your new laminate is sure to bring style, durability, and beauty to your home.

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